MTV Bump Canvas is a web application for democratizing broadcast television content.

Building upon the fields toolset, we partnered with Viacom to help transform I want my MTV into I am my MTV by allowing users to compose their own 6 - 15 second visual story to be aired between commercial breaks on MTV.

A library of animated assets, backgrounds, paintbrush tools are available for users to create a visual narrative (“bump”) consisting of both branded and pop culture elements.

The campaign ran for 9 months beginning in November 2015, focused on European and Latin American markets. Over 55,000 bumps have been created and submitted to date, and over 1,500 aired on MTV in those markets.

We designed and engineered both the bump creator web app as well as a server-side rendering architecture, supporting on-demand video render and encoding capabilities, automated scaling based on site traffic, a back-end admin dashboard for system monitoring and client access, and automated content ingestion for weekly asset updates.

Technologies / Platforms WebGL, React, Node, Electron, GPU-enabled AWS servers

Partners MTV / Viacom, B-Reel