Mona VR is our line of stereoscopic viewers made for use with your mobile phone.

Each viewer is a decoder window into new lands, built for regular use on trips out of your mind. Most important to us in this endeavor is to make VR more approachable with attention to comfort and accessible aesthetics.

Our first release is Mask, a soft visor-style viewer made from cotton. Mask is machine-washable with adjustable bioconvex lenses and folds down flat for easy storage.

Our upcoming releases, Infinity and Mirror, are commissions from New York design firm Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Both beautiful designs feature large format planoconvex lenses and are ideal for quick use glimpses into the future.

What can I see that I cannot see alone
Give me the eyes of another
To wander the world outside of my world
And make of the union my home