Past events:
Sound Concern at Planeta #4: Party Music
March 3
11:00 – 2:00am
So we listened, we learned, and we made some sweet noise. For this fourth and final event in this series, let’s remind ourselves how lucky we are to be alive in a world with great (party) music and sound. Light snacks provided.

Musical host: Douglas Sherman

More info at

Recital Flamenco
March 3
12:00 – 3:00am
Doors at 8pm
$15 suggested donation

Singers Julia Patinella and Alfonso Cid will join guitarist Andreas Arnold in an evening of flamenco singing and music. They will draw from the classical flamenco repertoire, as well as a few pieces by the great flamenco singer Enrique Morente and some original material by Andreas and Alfonso.
Julia Patinella:

Presented by Matteo Rini
La Nuche del Buho: Synthetic Love Dream
March 0
12:00 – 3:00am
Doors at 8pm
$15 suggested donation

w/ Mike Wexler

Synthetic Love Drean
Brooklyn-based SLD draws from Jazz, Minimalism, North Indian Raga, and Blues. Often with a focus on small ratio tuning systems, the group performs and composes long duration compositions with varying degrees of improvisation. SLD began as a writing and performing collective in 2014.

Mike Wexler
Having made a reputation for hypnotic and darkly enveloping songs, Brooklyn’s Mike Wexler has persisted through several waves of contemporary folk music without ever being fully absorbed by any of them. Syntropy – his third full length – is the first to convey the entrancing intimacy of his live performances. In a landscape of Americana and ‘American Primitive’-derived guitar music, Syntropy offers the possibility of an alternative strain more attuned to global influence and open to cross-pollination from other genres, disciplines, and art-forms.

La Noche del Buho shows are presented by Peter Vogl

Painting by Otto des Unas
Sound Concern at Planeta #3: Sweet Noise
March 3
11:00 – 2:00am
For this third event in the series, we take everything we learned from the first two events and make the sweetest noise we can. Expect upbeat, weird, fun music and energy. Light snacks provided.

Guest musical hosts: Jason Kincade and Assaf Nathan

More info at

Sound Concern at Planeta #2: Reorient
March 3
11:00 – 2:00am
For this second event, we shift the speaker placement and reorient our ears and minds. More eclectic music and audio experiments. What has changed? Better, worse or just different? You be the judge.

Guest musical host: William Lynn (Will Automagic)

More info at

March 0
8:30 – 10:30pm
Whoa Whoa Whoa Here We Go Here We Go
It's another Sunday Disco with the Kiddos


🍏🍪🍓😃 This is a FREE EVENT please BRING SNACKS 😃🍓🍪🍏
La Noche del Buho: PAUL and ERIC
March 0
1:00 – 4:00am
Doors at 8pm
$15 suggested donation

Angelina Dreem aka PAUL
w/ Eric Hoegemeyer

PAUL is the saxophone serenading pseudonym of artist Angelina Dreem. PAUL creates space for vulnerable improvisations, using digital manipulation to inject jazz with a disembodied essence of futuristic nostalgia. This performance will weave spoken word and ambient space into a complex negotiation of time.

Eric Hoegemeyer is a Brooklyn based producer and composer. In 2013 he, along with Jesse Paris Smith, scored 14 short films for Steven Sebring's Revolution series. In 2014, his first collaborative short film "The Good Gray Poet" was an installation at MOMA PS1-Rockaway. His first solo release, "Secret Agent", is out now on Personal Affair BK.

La Noche del Buho shows are presented by Peter Vogl

Painting by Otto des Unas
March 4
11:00 – 1:00am
Our Bi-weekly #RESISTANCE meeting will be about actions and next steps. We will work on the topics below.

- Immigrant Rights and remaining a sanctuary city
- Pressuring the NYS Independent Democratic Conference (IDC)
- Independent investigation in the Russian involvement in the election
- Outreach to voters and representatives in swing states for the midterm elections
- Protecting the ACA
- We will talk about the NYCLU Albany trip, who is coming?
- We will address the hosting or partaking of a People Power trainings call on 3/1 by the ACLU (courtesy of image grpahic)
- Who will join us on March 8th on "Day Without A women March"?

See you Thursday at Planeta.

Ulli & Stephanie
Sound Concern at Planeta #1: This is a Test
March 4
12:00 – 3:00am
This is the first event in the series we are doing at Planeta! This is also the first test (in front of an audience) of the complete stereo sound system, that was literally years in the making. Anything can happen. Expect eclectic music, audio experiments, great sounds, weird sounds, bad sounds, who knows? Music presenters: Perry Brandston, Nick Dangerfield, Bryan Keller. Light snacks provided.

More info at

Strangers: Italo Disco Mardi Gras!
February 2
12:00 – 3:00am
Creative duo Strangers is back for their second monthly event.
Italo Disco Mardi Gras!

$5+ suggested donation at the door, all of which goes to the ACLU.

DJs Sally and Softy will be at tune control
La Noche del Buho: Daniel Carter w/Adam Caine
February 0
1:30 – 4:00am
Doors at 8:30pm
$15 suggested donation

Daniel Carter and Adam Caine join us for an evening of free jazz.

Daniel Carter - alto/tenor/soprano sax, flute, trumpet, clarinet
Adam Caine - guitar

Daniel Carter has performed, recorded and/or toured with many musicians since the mid-60's including Yo La Tengo, No Necks Blues Band, Medeski Martin & Wood, David Grubbs, Yoko Ono, Susie Ibarra, Kyp Malone, Sun Ra, and Hamiet Bluiette.

La Noche del Buho events are brought to us by Pete Vogl:
painting by Otto des Unas
Rajeev Maddela: Currency
February 6
1:00 – 4:00am
Doors at 8pm
$10-$15 suggested donation

Rajeev Maddela

Generative improvisational performance exploring the spectrum of electronic music via ableton live and midi percussion.

Currency is the state of being present.
Action 3 | Town Hall Prep
February 4
11:00 – 1:00am
Action 3 - TOWN HALL PREP | We are Here NYC

This Thursday 2/23, 6-8 pm
PLANETA 295 E 8th Street (basement), NYC 10009

Come join us the prepare for Town Hall season.
Our MoC Carolyn Maloney's Townhall is only later in March
3/30 - 7.30 pm, 1157 Lex Ave.

We have time to get ready. We will check her positions, and bills and teach y'all how to prepare and be in touch with your own MoC if Maloney is not your gal.

Come prepared for the issues YOU care about so we can align within our group to take action on different topics.
Meet others who are working to resist Trump's agenda.
We will also work on NYS specific actions.

There are ways for everybody to participate.
It's about encouraging our Members of Congress in Senate and House to represent us, not Trump.
If we stand together, indivisible, we will win.
Welcome to the resistance!

Thanks as always to Planeta for hosting us, you guys ROCK!
VR WIP #2: The Bangkok Stack
February 3
11:00 – 2:00am
As an invited guest professor to Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Kai Justin Reaver represented Planeta in teaching a two week workshop as part of DEX 2017 within the INDA program for 3rd year architecture students. DEX is arranged each year in which 5 guest instructors or practices from around the world are invited. This year featured Hesselbrand (London), Plusfarm (Brooklyn), Taller de Casquería (Madrid), and Jason Orbe (Ghana), in addition to Planeta (NYC).

The workshop focused on "closing the gap" between physical and digital space. Each of the 13 students chose an existing public space in Bangkok as a case study. Utilizing 3d-scanning, photography, and traditional site surveying, the students documented and recreated 3d copies of their spaces from throughout Bangkok.

Following this exercise, the students brought their spaces into VR through Rhino 3d and began manipulating their case studies using VR as both an analytical and generative tool. Focusing on spatial compression, story building and memelike effects, each student designed a space based on a theme central to their personal experiences of Bangkok. The finished spaces were exhibited at the school in a collective review.

No Admission Fee
Irene Walsh Sings Samba
February 0
1:00 – 4:00am
Doors at 8pm
$10-$15 suggested donation

Irene Walsh on vocals (
Cesar Garabini on 7-string guitar
Sergio Krakowski on pandeiro

Our night of samba features compositions by Paulinho da Viola, Cartola, Dona Ivone Lara, Ismael Silva, Nelson Sargento, Caetano Veloso, Antonio Carlos Jobim, João Bosco, Teresa Cristina, Chico Buarque, and many others...

Photo credit: Marcos de Castro
Patrick Higgins // Greg Fox
February 6
1:00 – 4:00am
Doors at 8pm
$10 suggested donation

Patrick Higgins
Greg Fox

Solo sets and a Duo performance

Patrick Higgins is a New York based composer/performer of experimental music. As a soloist, he performs both classical acoustic and electric guitar in genre-bending contexts, utilizing extended technique and electronic processing.

Greg Fox is a New York City born-and bred drummer, multidisciplinary artist, and teacher. He has played on and released 49 records since 2008, including his work with Liturgy, ZS, Ben Frost, Colin Stetson, Skeletons, Hieroglyphic Being, Man Forever, and others, as well as with his own solo work and his projects GDFX and Guardian Alien.
February 0
9:30 – 11:30pm
Here we go again kiddies! Time to get together and dance to some groovy tunes!

This is a free event, but we welcome any snacks you'd like to bring to share.
La Noche del Buho: Innov Gnawa
February 0
1:00 – 4:00am
Doors at 8pm
$15 suggested donation

Innov Gnawa is a young musical collective dedicated to exploring Morocco’s venerable gnawa music tradition in the heart of New York City.

Collaborated with Bonobo on their most recent album for the song Bambro Koyo Ganda.

This marks the first La Noche del Buho night, a bi-monthly concert series brought to us by Pete Vogl.

painting by Otto des Unas
Women's March Action 2: Huddle Up!
February 4
11:00 – 1:00am


Thank you for ACTION 1 last week! Now we HUDDLE!

Using the WOMENS MARCH 10 ACTIONS IN 100 DAYS as our guide, we will gather together for a 90 minute pow-wow, in order to:

- Get to know each other and build a community of support

- Identify what issues we can tackle in the next 10 days

- Define a set of actions and strategies that our group will pursue in the coming weeks and months

- Ultimately mobilize our community to win back the country and world we want.

In preparation, please gather a loose list of actions that you have or will take part in from Jan 21-April 30 so that we can aggregate where our interests and energies are. Please also bring a pen & paper.

Looking forward to seeing you all! KIDS ARE WELCOME!!

Thank you!
- We Are Here

.... to hold each other accountable
.... to get us to take action
.... to not stop taking our country back

P.S. If you needed a little fire lit :) the Women's March has created a BEAUTIFUL video anthem for our huddle. We will kick off Thursday's meeting with this, but if you would like to do so now you can see it here -
Antonio Lizana Trio - Petros Klampanis Solo - J.Montaña/A.Arnold
February 3
12:00 – 4:00am
Doors at 7pm, concert at 8pm
$20 suggested donation, BYOB

Expect to re-think the double bass as an instrument in this first-time-in-NYC solo bass performance by Petros Klampanis from Greece as he plucks, bows, drums, loops, grooves, and sings for you.

Hear and see an encounter of the German, New York-based guitarist/composer with the prolific cajonero from Madrid. While flamenco and original compositions by Andreas will be the musical thread it remains to be seen where else improvisations will take them as they draw on various different styles and traditions.

Closing off the night will be Antonio Lizana, bringing you all the good vibes from San Fernando, Cadiz with his unique mix of flamenco, Moroccan and jazz sounds. The singer and saxophonist will be accompanied by his longtime peers Adrian Lozano on flamenco guitar and Epi Pachec on percussion.
Strangers: Karaoke!
January 2
12:00 – 3:00am
Karaoke Night! Hosted by Tommy California

$1 per song

Strangers is a developing idea between Elise Diebel & Caitlin McMullen, taking their moxie and savvy in many different fields and using it to spark things. Talk to us about objects, happenings, or anything involving glitter :)

Collaborating with Planeta in the East Village, they will use these events as a testing ground for ongoing creative endeavors.
Gutboy: a badtime story
January 1
1:00 – 4:00am
Doors at 8pm
Film at 9pm
$5 suggested donation

Live Psychics! Carniverous Puppets!! Free Wine!!!

Guboy: a badtime story
Directed by Nick Grant
Watch the trailer here:
Action 1 - Write Your Rep a Postcard
January 4
11:00 – 2:00am
We are getting together to keep the momentum up!! Please share this event!

After this weekend, we can all attest to the impact of physicality! Let's send postcards to our reps doorsteps!

Please join Amber Tamblyn and the women of We Are Here - Stephanie Porto Ulli Hussein Barta Jena Cordova Neumann and Aviva Yael on January 26th between 6-9pm as we host a quick and dirty night of ACTION dedicated to the Women's March on Washington 10 Actions for the first 100 Days - Action 1: Write a Postcard to your Senator or House of Congress Representative.

For $1 donation, receive a postcard to fill out (or BYOP!) + we will stamp + mail for you!

Your donations will cover cost of supplies and postage and any profits will go to Planned Parenthood or the ACLU - writers choice!

We will be on hand to chat the issues, share stories from DC, to fire each other up, as well as to help with short and sweet script suggestions for an array of issues!

Please bring your friends! EVERYONE is welcome!!
If you cannot make it we would love for you to help us spread the word - we hope to get 1000 cards out the door!

Thank you to Bestype - Professional Printing Services in NYC for providing free postcards!!
Thank you Planeta for opening your doors!


Amber, Stephanie, Ulli, Aviva and Jena

We are Here
... to hold each other accountable!
... to get us to take action!
... to protect our sacred rights!
VR WIP #1: Spheres
January 4
11:00 – 2:00am
This Thursday marks the first in a series of monthly events for showing our Works In Progress in virtual reality exploration.

First up: Two experiences created by Dan Brewster and Laura Chen -- both involving, you guessed it: spheres.
KIDS' Disco!
January 0
9:00 – 12:00am
Bring your jello legs, we're having a disco party! Let's dance under some funky lights on a Sunday afternoon.

DJ Pete Vogl will spin the tunes.